107. anniversy of the heroic defense; Çanakkale Battle

It was the period that WWI was existing. Ottoman Empire was the partner of German Empire, The frontiers of Ottoman Empire were very important in order to support tsartic Russia, especially the Dardanelles. Dardanelles strait frontier was under the joint command of German and Turkish officers.

Firstly they organised one of the biggest navies of the world. They thought that it would be easy to pass through the strait. But the defence was so heroic that the navy force had lost the admiral ships. Turkish artillery hit the admiral ships. After a tough struggle, the navy had to retreat from the strait. So the heroic Turkish defense stopped the fleet. So the allies decided to change the strategy .After the artillery war, the land wars began. Even after that a state was told; Çanakkale can’t be passed…..

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

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