We all know that Troy was the destination where one of the most legendary wars was existed. It was so big that the biggest navy was gathered and they attacked Troy even Aschilles. Princess Paris kidnapped Helen to Troy and the war was declared. It had lasted for 10 years. It finished with the war trick. Greeks built a wooden horse and they left it on the sand. Indeed some Greek soldiers were hidden inside to attack Troy in the good time. Greeks hoped Troians to take it to the city and they did it. At the same night, Greek soldiers waited Troians to finish their celebration and Troy was invaded by Greeks.

Troy horse replica

Indeed we can talk more on this event. But it is the short form of the event. Even today, it was accepted as one of the legendary wars of history. You can understand the atmosphere and see Aschilles there even in present.

Troy museum is waiting for your visits to see this magnificent history in Çanakkale. Don’t forget to greet Aschilles or Helen of Troy.

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