Hasankeyf: The tragedy of a history


Sometimes time is cruel against the valuable things. We have this situation in Batman of Turkey. Hasankeyf is one of the ancient sites that have pages in history. First outstanding feature is that it was an important destination on Silk Road. It had a bridge that tied up two banks of Tigris river.

This ancient site is dated back to BC 8th century. It was a center where Christianity and Islam united. Many civilizations and empires dominated this site including Mongols and Muslim states. There are samples of early Muslim monuments in Mesopotamia.

A dam was being built on Tigris river and it will start to collect water soon. So Hasankeyf will be under this dam’s lake. This treasure will sink to the bottom. Although many archeologists try to save Hasankeyf, they will not be able to save it all.

Time is cruel for Hasankeyf, the empires had collapsed for many times. The dam will destroy this ancient site sooner.
Hasankeyf didn’t deserve this destiny and time travelers will understand it.


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