Dionysos: A dominated cult in Small Asia


If we prepare a blog on time travel on that landscape, common cults can’t be ignored. That’s why I would like to introduce you a Greek god;

Dionysos was a common cult in ancient Greek world. He was the God of wine and fertility. Believers of Dionysos were based on nature and Dionysos’ attractive power. Fests were organized with wine and plays were performed in those fests. Naked dancers were dancing in those fests. Everyone was drinking wine. Those times were important because they made public feel great. There were temples for Dionysos. Although he was a god, he wasn’t one of the main gods of Mt.Olympos. He was described in various forms.

Dionysos was a cult that had a deep impact in cultural life. It is told that tragedy was invented during Dionysos fests.

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