Luwians: Missing nation of Western and South Western Anatolia history

Nisan 15, 2019
The region of Luwian domination

There are some nations that couldn’t get the interest they deserve in history. We are going to meet one of those nations. They are called Luwians and they have a development level according to the archeological works. This is the time travel to meet them;

We are in period of BC 3000. Luwians immigrated to Small Asia from Greek islands. They were in a level higher than other civilizations with a written system. They established a domination in western and south western region in BC 2000. Even they founded the basis of Hittites Kingdom. They had their own hieroglyphic written system. Also they had a cuneiform script. Some of the samples were found in Hittites’ sources. They had a large resident field. Their impact was so big that their domination had lasted for 1400 years.

Luwians were the nation that contributed the development of this landscape.