Kyme ancient site; A site of glorious times

Kyme ancient site

Kyme ancient site was one of the most important sites of Aegean region. It is located on the way of İzmir. Let’s listen to the story of Kyme;

Kyme was constructed around 2000 BC by Greek communities. It was founded on fertile area. So agriculture was one of the major economical activities. The another major economical activity was marine trade. The city architecture was also worth evaluating. The founders decorated the site with a marvelous architecture. The reliefs had details of crafts in the city. It was one of a few city states that printed coins. It was also one of dioceses in ancient era. It was a port city. Also olive oil factory was founded. There had been resident till 13th century AD.

A view of Kyme ancient site

Kyme ancient site was constructed in a wide area so some items were lost due to urbanization. Some pieces were transferred to abroad in 19th century. The items give us valuable data on details of life in Kyme.

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