Soli Pompeipolis; The site of Sun

Soli – Pompeipolis ancient site in Mersin

Mediterranean Region has been hosting civilizations for centuries. Soli Pompeipolis is one of the sites that had a glorious silhouette. Also it was the site of sun. ;

Soli was constructed as a port city. It had an autonomous rule and they printed coins in the name of the site.It was built in the name of sun. Soli had tough times after 1st century BC. Then Roman commander Pompeius came and reformed the order. So the city was named as “Soli Pompeipolis” after his coming. He settled some pirates to the city. Emperor Hadrianus financed the investments in the city. Also it was a diocese in Roman period. Arab attacks destroyed the life in the city.

Soli Pompeipolis was a famous site and it had a great architecture. Even today the ruins show us how glorious it was.

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