Tlos: Homeland of Pegasus

Tlos ancient site

Tlos ancient site is another site of Lycian state. It had a glorious scenery including stadium and rock tombs. This is the story;

Tlos was one of the earliest settlement area of Lycia. It was dated back to 14th century BC. Hittites and Lycians recorded this site’s acropolis that was very impressive in various names. Bellerephontes’ tomb was a very important building with the relief that Pegasus had a war with Chimera (three headed dog). It is believed that Pegasus was living here with Bellerephontes. The facilities such as baths,churches and theater were the important components of the inner side. Stadium was the most important facility because Tlos was known as sport city. Also other tombs were attractive. Tlos was another diocese in Lycian region. There had been settlement since 12th century AD.

Tlos stadium

It is located in the border of Muğla province. It is one of the greatest ancient sites in Muğla. It’s worth visiting in order to travel in time.

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