Puruşhattum ancient site; A famous Assyrian mining site

Puruşhattum ancient site

There is an ancient site that is named as Acem Höyük but indeed it was a well known Assyrian city. Its name was Puruşhattum. It was an important Assyrian city that was a mine processing and trade center. It was founded around 4000 years ago;

Puruşhattum was an important Assyrian city. It was the center of mine processing and trade. Also it was one of the centers of Assyrian Trade route. Palaces were built in the city, they were luxury palaces. It was the sign that they were very rich. Also as it was close to mines, mine processing was major economical activity. Assyrians prepared tablets as documents. The jewellery and souvenirs were well known in ancient era. The city was decorated with various buildings. It was reconstructed after a big fire in 18 BC.

Puruşhattum ancient site excavations

It is located in Aksaray province and this region was a busy settlement region in ancient era. It was a great discovery to make the timeline of this peninsula’s history.

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