Gideros Bay; A quiet shelter for wild Black Sea

Gideros Bay

Black Sea is a wild sea. Mostly big waves and winds are characters of Black Sea. Also as the weather is changeable in Black Sea region, sometimes the vessels may need a quiet bay to hide. Gideros Bay is one of them. It is like a paradise in Black Sea region.

The historical background of the region is dated back to 15th century BC. Historian Strabon recorded that the first settlement was done by Amazons. The region has been famous for tree species to build ships for centuries so it had been used as storage from 8th century BC to 18th century AD. According to historical sources, it was a good hiding place for mariners. Also it was a stop on a trade route.

Panorama of Gideros Bay

It is located in border of Kastamonu province and it is a worth visiting place for nature lovers

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