Seleucia Priera: A site that is victim of alluviums

An introduction of ancient Seleucia Priera

Some ancient sites were built near the river banks but there is the fact that the rivers bring alluviums to the sea. Seleucia Priera was one of those sites.

Selecuia Priera was one of the important port cities in Mediterranean coasts in Roman period. Also it was a naval port in 4th century BC. But it lost its importance when the gulf was filled with alluviums. So it became an inner land site. It was a famous site with various buildings such as city walls and temples.

Selecuia Priera ancient site

It is located in southern region of Turkey. It is in border of Hatay province.

An Urartu fortress that is 2700 years old

An Urartu fortress in Erzincan

Urartu civilization was one of the empires that had deep impact on the history of this peninsula.

We are going to Eastern region of Turkey. There is a remain from an Urartu civilization in Erzincan province of Turkey. A fortress was built here by Urartu State and it was constructed 2700 years ago. By the results of archeological excavations, some Urartu tombs were unearthed and they provided us valuable information on Urartu civilization.

Urartu state left valuable heritage to realize how Small Asia developed and became the center of history.

Myrleia ancient site; A site that is in danger today

Myrleia ancient site

An ancient site that is located in Bursa province today was a big site.

It was founded by Ionians in 7th century BC. The settlement area was so big that the boundaries of the site extended to coast line in the past. We can see that there were various buildings in the site.

Unfortunately some settlement areas are under urban area. Remains of the ancient site prove us that it was a big site.

Roman baths in Ankara

Roman baths in Ankara

Ankara is the capital of Turkish Republic. It has an important role in Turkey due to its location. As it is located in the center of the peninsula, it is a junction point in every direction.

Roman Baths panorama

This ancient site was named as Ankyra. Due to its locations, the site had the same important role as present. There used to be a big site with various buildings including baths. Also it was a Roman military base.

We know that Ankara has been hosting important civilizations. Romans built this site as a defensive center through Byzantium.