Hittite Monuments in Central Anatolia

The Hittite Monument

Hittites left us very valuable heritage including monuments. A monument which was erected in Central Anatolia belongs to Hittite Storm God. It was described as standing between two lions. It was built in 13th century BC.

Hittite water pool monument

Hittites had a developed water transfer system. The monument in Central Anatolia is dated back to 13th Century BC. Lions and Gods were described in reliefs.

Tibeti church; A forgotten church

Tibeti Church

It is one of the best samples in northern western background of Turkey. It is located in Artvin province.

According to written historical sources, the church was constructed between 899 and 914 by a prince of Bagrat. The icons were based on apostles. Sculptures of ram are on every side of the roof.

It is one of the historical heritages that need care.

Rhosus ancient site; A port site of Romans

Rhosus ancient site remains in Hatay

Rhosus ancient site was an important port site in Roman period. It was a trade center and naval port. Romans made a connection to Mediterranean region by using this port. We have a few knowledge on history of this ancient site due to urbanization.

Rhosus ancient site is located in Hatay province. It was the proof that Romans’ navy and trade fleet were there. Due to urbanization, some of the remains were lost.

It is absolute that it is going to be a different place with archeological excavations.