Balatlar church: A piece of Jesus’ cross was unearthed

Sinop is one of the important destinations in Black Sea region. It was named as Sinope in the ancient era. Also it is known as home of philosopher Diogenes. In addition to those features, Balatlar church complex which was located nearby the northern end of peninsula was an important religious center in ancient era.

This building was used as bath in earlier ages (around 3rd or 4th century AD). It is known as it was turned into a church in 5th century AD. This church was decorated with various buildings to form a complex. The sacred relic of the church was the piece of Jesus’ cross. Byzantines were here, we know this by the existence of Byzantine coin. It was used till Ottoman period.

Balatlar Church

This church complex was the sample of typical Roman and Byzantine religious center. With its complex, it was also a settlement area.

Kurşunlu Monastery: A home for early Christians

We know that early Christians faced torture and violence by the pagan Roman Empire. So early Christian communities had to hide from Roman Empire’s authorities. They built underground cities and settlement areas to high territory for this purpose. We are visiting one of those places;

A monastery that was built on high territory was one of the important religious center for Christians. Building one on high territory provided security for this community. This monastery was built as complex to provide a living area for the community. It is thought that it was built before 7th century AD. The social events and religious stories were described on walls of complex. After the acceptance of Christianity, this complex turned into a holy place.

It is located in Kuşadası county of Aydın province. It is one of the most important praying facilities of early Christians.

Lucianus Inscription and rock with horse relief

Lucianus inscription and rock with horse relief

As we know that Romans were addicted to war game competitions so they organized every sort of those games and competitions in their land.

A gate was discovered in Central Anatolia (in Konya). A horse and an inscription were put on the rock. It is about a competition that was organized in the name of a young cavalry who died young. The rules of this competition were mentioned. It was constructed in Roman Empire period.

The competitions such as this one were aimed to keep soldiers and public ready for the war times. We know that peaceful periods were short in ancient era.