Ilgarini cave; A cave that has a historical background….

Caves are one of impressive natural structures of this landscape. They all have different features. This cave has also its outstanding features like having a historical background.

It is one of the biggest caves of Turkey. It is fourth in the world. There are remains of settlement from late Roman and Byzantine period. It was one of the places where early Christians lived.

Ilgarini Cave

It is in border of Kastamonu province of Black Sea. Black Sea region has a lot of caves due to the natural structure of Turkey.

Prusias ad Hypium ancient site; strategical site on the way to Constantinople

Remains of Prusias ad Hypium

The ancient way through Constantinople from Black Sea region consists of many important ancient site. All of them had strategical and military importance in the route. One of them was Prusias ad Hypium ancient site;

This site was constructed in 3rd century AD with the name of Hypios. Then the name of the city had changed as Kieros. When Btyhnian King Prusias I conquered the site, the name of the site had changed as Prusias in the name of the king. Many monumental pieces were built in the site in various periods including aqueducts from Roman period.

Antique theater

It is located between Marmara and Western Black Sea. It seems that it was as important as Ephesus. Also it had a military base in the site.