Ardanuc Castle; A monumental castle on the rock

Ardanuc Castle

Turkey’s Northern Eastern region has a rocky territory. Despite of this territory, civilizations succeeded to construct monumental castles in the region. There is a castle in Ardanuç county of Artvin province. It is a big castle. Although the outer walls were damaged, inner castle has its own features.

It is thought that it was constructed in BC. It had been an headquarter of civilizations in the region for centuries. Ottoman sultans left inscriptions at the castle.

A wide panorama of the castle

Devil Castle; An impossible construction

Devil Castle

This landscape has a lot of impressive buildings. We are going to visit one of them. It is called as Devil Castle. It is located in Northern Eastern region of Turkey.

It was a classical middle age castle. The most outstanding feature was the basis of the castle. It was constructed on a rocky territory. It is thought that there used to be a small town inside the walls. It had a strong defensive castle walls. Unfortunately half of the castle was collapsed but the reason isn’t absolute.

According to the legend a king lost her daughter due to an illness. He ordered his soldiers to bury his daughter in one of the castles. King wanted that nobody should have known the place of her grave. So it got lost. Today tomb raiders damaged the castle to find a treasure of her.

Devil Castle panorama

It is one of the interesting and important castles of Turkey. As it had a historical background, it is worth visiting.