Harala Castle: A missing castle of Byzantines

Piece of the castle

Cultural heritage means a lot for a country’s historical background. As we mention before every missing heritage creates big space in the history. We are in Thrace and a castle is our title. Unfortunately only a piece of gate remained today.

This castle was built in East Roman (Byzantine) period. The region (Thrace) was very important in order to protect Constantinople so they built castles to protect Thrace. Harala Castle was one of them. There were other castles,too. By the time, the castle was damaged and vanished in the time.

Edirne province is one of the places where are historical items. Visit Turkey and feel the history.

Varzahan Monastery; A destroyed monastery

Varzahan Monastery

We all know that Turkish landscape has many monasteries and churches. Much of them have remains and they can be restored. But some of them aren’t as lucky as them such as Varzahan monastery.

Varzahan Monastery was the one that was built in 12th century. It was a complex of churches. It was an Armenian style church. By the time, it was damaged due to various reasons. This monastery was vanished because of careless attitude for years.

Cultural heritage is very valuable. Every missing piece of cultural heritage creates a big space in the history.

Avnik Castle; An Urartu castle in a land of passages..

Avnik Castle

Eastern region of Turkey has a rocky territory. Despite of the high territory, there has been settlement here for centuries. Starting from Urartu State, the region has been very important as it has been a passage between Asia and West.

Castle of Avnik was built in Urartu period. As it was built on the peak of a passage, it had a domination on the territory. But it had been damaged too much because of wars and natural reasons.

It is located in the border of Erzurum province. This region may seem only as a rocky territory but it has a deep historical background.