Kermelik Valley; home of forgotten cultural heritage

Zıhra Castle on Red River

Central Anatolia has been another home of civilizations since the history started. So they left us valueless historical heritage on that landscape. Kermelik Valley in Kayseri province is one of those places. Red river is the source of life in the region such as Nile in North Africa.

As you see on the edge of Red River, A castle was built there. Due to the short of archeological works, we don’t have sufficient info on the castle. It is thought that it was built by Hittites. It seems that it had an important role to defense the inland.

Kermelik historical bridge

In addition to the castle, there is a historical bridge. Its construction period isn’t certain. It may not seem historical but the upper road was built as it lost the original path.

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Eynesil castle; A lucky monument of this landscape

Eynesil Castle – Giresun

There are some lucky monuments on this landscape. Eynesil castle is one of them. It is located in Giresun province of Black Sea region. As you see below, it was built on a rock. It is a big castle and it faced some reconstructions in the time. It is thought that its function was to observe Black Sea.

Its construction period isn’t certain but some archeological proofs show us that it was built in East Roman (Byzantine) Empire period. It had been used for centuries . Castles were important military facilities in ancient era. They provided strict defensive strategy against the enemy.

Eynesil Castle

It is one of the interesting sightseeing places of Black Sea because it is the witness of an ancient era.