Daryunk Castle; An Urartu Castle in Doğubeyazıt

Daryunk Castle

There are many castles from Urartu period. Urartu state built strategical castles in the region. Daryunk Castle is one of them.

Daryunk Castle was one of the strategical castles of the region. In the same time, it was an important military base. Urartu tombs and items prove that it was an Urartu castle. It was named as Daryunk Castle in the past. Seljuks and Ottomans reconstructed the castle.

It is located in Doğu Beyazıt county of Ağri province. This region has a historical background.

Doğu Beyazıt Castle

Livana Castle; The symbol of Northern Eastern Anatolia region

Livana Castle

Turkey has many monumental castles. Northern Eastern region has many castles that were built on rocky territory. Artvin (Livana) castle is one of them.

Livana castle was built by Georgian king in 937. Its mission was to observe and to control the region. Ottomans rebuilt a new castle on the old castle. It was a monumental castle of the region.

This is called Artvin castle at present. It is like an eagle nest on the territory.

Bolaman Castle and Mansion; An interesting combination of historical periods

Bolaman Castle and Mansion

This article is about an interesting combination of historical periods. The castle and a mansion on it create an interesting building. This is the story;

The construction of the castle isn’t certain but according to the architectural features, it was built in Byzantine period. It was used for military tasks such as observation and task base. A wooden mansion that was in local architecture was built on this castle in 18th century. Today it is used as museum building.

It is located in Ordu province of Black Sea. The mansion is in local architecture. It is one of the best sight seeing places in Black Sea.