Sauras Castle; A castle on Silk Road

Castle on the peak of hill

Eastern Southern region has also a great historical background due to the closeness to Silk Road. This connection to Silk Road makes Southern Eastern peninsula a great region.

Sauras Castle was one of the important castles of Silk Road. Romans built it in 2nd century BC. It was built on the hill in order to keep the region safety and to control the Silk Road.

Mardin province and this part of the peninsula offer us many valuable connection to Mesopotamia and Silk Road.

Ruins of Ziravank region; A forgotten site

Ziravank ruins

Eastern Anatolia has a lot of hidden historical treasures. Due to its location, the civilizations left a great heritage. Due to the careless, they are about to destroy. The ruins of Zirvanak region (Erzurum province) are very important for the historical background.

Although this site has an importance, there is a lack of archeological works. It is obvious that those ruins have more to say. They are just waiting for care to light up the past.

Tymandos ancient site; A hidden site on the edge of Central Small Asia

Ruins of Tymandos ancient site

Beside the known ancient sites, there are also many unknown ancient sites. Some of them are lost or they couldn’t be discovered although we can come across them in historical sources. Tymandos ancient site is one of the less known ancient sites;

Tymandos site was located between south and central regions. It could be one of the important passage sites. It used to be a small resident but it was upgraded as a site in Diocletianus sovereign. It was decorated with glorious buildings such as imperial gate (You see it above). Then Persian Empire invaded the region, they added some components to the site such as tumulus’ (probably from 6th century BC). By the time, it lost its importance and the stones of the site were used in the region.

It is in Isparta province of Turkey. Due to the limited archeology works, we don’t have sufficient information on the site.

Maiden Castle; A castle that was built on an island of Mediterranean

Maiden Castle – Mersin

This is the most famous or well-known castle of Mersin. Its outstanding feature is to be built on an island of Mediterranean. It is 600 mt. far away from the coast.

It was built in 1199 by Leon I. It had a very important location, even pirates used this castle as a headquarter. This castle was also built as a settlement area. So various facilities such as chapels were constructed in the inner castle. This castle had an interesting story ( It is like the story of Maiden Tower of Istanbul). An oracle told the king that his daughter would die as a result of a snake bite. So he decided to be constructed this castle in order to protect her. But a snake that hid into the fruit basket reached the castle and she was bitten by this snake. So the omen became true.

It is like a monument in front of the coast. This time period is like the retirement of this castle.

Sinap Castle; A monument that waits for interest

Sinap Castle – Mersin

As I stated in the article of Namrun Castle, it seems that there used to be a defensive line. Sinap Castle is on the defensive line it seems. It is the second biggest castle of the region but due to careless, it became a ruin today;

This region was a strategically important in middle age. So it is thought that it was built in 10th or 11th century AD. It has an eye contact with Namrun(İllibru) Castle. Its task was to control and to dominate the region.

Mersin is an important region for history. It is certain that most of the historical monuments expect care from us and authorities. When we protect them, we can make them great again.

Namrun Castle; A strategical Clichian gate

Namrun Castle- Mersin

This castle is very important for the region. Its task was to protect the region in the past. It is a typical middle age castle and it was built on a rocky territory;

This castle was built in middle age and it was named as İllibru in Hittites and Assyrian periods. It was built on the peak of the rock so it can even see Sinap Castle. It could be a type of defensive line castles. Then it lost its importance in time. There are stairs that climb up through the castle.

Namrun Castle

This castle is located in Mersin province of Turkey. Thanks to its size, it is impressive as you see above. History is here.

Düden Waterfall; A paradise in Antalya

Turkish Riviera is the region where you can come across history and nature together. Thanks to its natural structure, a visitor can find everything.

Düden Waterfall which is located at Kepez county of Antalya is one of the real natural paradise. The spring that is broken from the mountain creates this scenery. It is one of the numerous paradises of the world. Also it is known as Upper Düden or Alexandria Waterfall on various sources.

If you have a visit to Antalya, I recommend you to add this waterfall to the list.

Have a nice time…..