Harbiye Waterfall; A waterfall where Daphne left her tears

Harbiye Waterfall

Imagine a waterfall that is 3000 years old. Harbiye waterfall of Hatay is an impressive place for visitors. Not only for history, and also for panorama this sight seeing wonder is a real treasure. Also it is the place of Apollon and Daphne legend. This is the legend;

Apollon was the son of Zeus and he was the god of light. He saw girl who was very beautiful on this place. He fell in love and he wanted to talk to her. But she was smart so she knew the result of girls who had affairs with Gods. She got his will and she wanted to run away from him. When she realized that she couldn’t, She prayed Zeus to be buried by nature mother. She became a tree that has a nice odor. Apollon stated that she would be the holy tree of Zeus. The water of waterfall is the tear of Daphne.

This is a sight seeing place that has many visitors. This waterfall can be considered as a corner of heaven. It is one of the worth visiting sight seeing places. The water flowing can get weaker in summer because of hot weather.

Apollon and Daphne

Imroz Island and Castle; An island with historical background

Imroz Castle

Imroz was the name of the island where is on the northern of Aegean Sea and it is called Gökçeada today. It is known that there has been settlement for centuries.

As we know that the historical background is dated back to earlier ages. Greek period left valuable heritage in the island. Imroz castle was the important building in order to control the Aegean Sea. The major economical activity has been wine production for centuries.

Location of Imroz (red one)

Tomara Waterfall; A waterfall that has a wealthy fauna

Eastern Black sea region hides great natural monuments. Waterfalls are the magnificent components of the region.

Tomara Waterfall is one of the greatest waterfalls. It is in Gümüşhane province of Turkey. It is on the top of attracting sight seeing places. Visitors have a great pleasure here. This waterfall is famous for its wealthy fauna.

Tomara Waterfall

Tortum Waterfall; One of the numerous waterfalls of the world

Tortum Waterfall

Waterfalls are important components of Turkish landscape. The rocky territory offers us great panorama to enjoy.

Tortum Waterfall is one of the biggest waterfalls in Turkey. It was formed by the result of depression fields. The river is running over the depression wall. It creates a marvelous scenery. Nature lovers enjoy by watching this marvelous waterfall.

Tortum Waterfall is in Erzurum province. It is in the list of a worth visiting sightseeing places of Turkey.