Rize Castle: A castle that is symbol of the city

Black Sea region ( on both sides ) had a great importance to defend the landscape of civilizations. That’s why the castles and monumental buildings of the region are very valuable for history. Rize castle is one of them. ;

This castle was constructed in 6th century BC. It was built as two parts ; inner castle and outer castle. Outer castle was built in 13th century. It had an important mission in the region. Firstly it was a military base, secondly a settlement area. It was built for a defensive purpose mostly.

The most outstanding feature is that the castle is one of the defensive line of Black Sea region.

Amasra Castle; A living Byzantine castle

Amasra castle bridge

Some of the historical monuments are so lucky that maybe themselves can’t believe in it. Amasra Castle which was constructed on Western Black Sea is one of them. This castle was built as two parts so a bridge was added to these ends. Even today, it is one of the most important attracting sight seeing places of the region.

It was originally built in Byzantine period. It was the gate of Black Sea region in East Roman Empire period. Also this region was very important. Then Genoese domination took over the region and they reconstructed the castle many times. Many items from both civilization were left.

Amasra museum and castle are important sight seeing places of the city. It is a cute Black Sea region settlement. On the other hand, it has a great historical background. Boat tours are also very enjoyable at the city.

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Günpınar Waterfall; A hidden beauty of this landscape

Günpınar Waterfall

Please firstly look at the photograph, then imagine that you are having a rest there. This waterfall is in Eastern region of Turkey. It is in Darende county of Malatya province that is famous for its apricot.

It is a hidden natural beauty on rocky territory. The water is dancing on the territory and creating a magical scenery.

It is one of the worth visiting sight seeing places of Turkey.

Visit Turkey and feel happy…

Ereğli Castle; A retired Roman Castle

Ruins of Ereğli Castle

Some of the castles are like old people.When they get older and finish their work , they get retired. This is one of the castles. It was constructed on the coast of Western Black Sea (Zonguldak -Ereğli). It is also on the peak of a hill in order to control the sea and the land around it.

It was constructed in 4th century BC by Klearchos who founded first acropolis of Heraklie Pontike. Also a cistern was built in order to supply water for the castle. Today only ruins remained from this castle.

This castle is in border of military zone so it isn’t open for visit. That’s why I considered it as a retired castle. It may be opened for a visit in future.