Dermetinan Castle: A Byzantine Castle

Dermetinan Castle

Dermetinan Castle is one of the military monuments in Turkey. It is located in Mardin province of Turkey.

There is a few info on the castle. As it is known as a Byzantine castle, we can come across a powerful defensive components. It is so powerful that it could handle siege of Timur. We can see tombs of Byzantines here.

It provides valuable information on the historical background of the region. It is realized that it had an important role on military history of the region.

Tıkızlı Castle; An Urartu heritage

Tıkızlı Castle ruins

Urartu State has a deep heritage in Eastern region of Turkey. Tıkızlı castle is one of the important castles in the region.

Unfortunately only a wall and the borders remained today. The castle was built by placing the stones without concrete.

Due to the lack of archeological work, the historical background of the region hasn’t been unearthed yet.

Fog Castle: An amazing castle on fertile plain

Adana province and region are built on most fertile plain of Turkey. Also this fertile plain has been hosting for centuries. The castles of the region are witness’ of this wealthy historical background.

Fog castle in Kozan county of Adana was one of the biggest castles. It is thought that it was built by Assyrians. Some sources state that Hittites built this castle. It seems that it had an important role on ruling the region.

This is the worth visiting place in order to feel the history.

Parih Castle

Parih castle is one of the important castles of Northern Eastern region. As the territory is rocky, the castles were built on rocks.

It is thought that Parih castle was constructed in middle age. Due to the absence of an inscription, the construction year isn’t absolute. Today we can see the ruins of the castle above.

Even though it seems as a ruin, it has an important role on historical background of the region.