Olive and Olive oil; Natural Treasure of Aegean Sea

Olive and Olive oil

Olive is the common good of all Mediterranean region. Also the inhabitants have been using olive and olive goods for centuries. Trade of olive was very important in ancient era. Thanks to trade of olive and olive oil, the settlement areas of Aegean region became rich and wealthy sites. It is known that the lifetime of ancient era was shorter than present but due to healthy features of olive, lifetime of Mediterranean inhabitants was longer than the average lifetime.

Olive oil trade was one of the major economical activity. It was transported with amphoras. Even today, many amphoras with olive oil were discovered in ship wrecks of ancient era.

Olive oil is known as the most healthy oil today. Its nutrition facts are so outstanding that it became the main good of kitchens especially in western world.

Turkish Baths; A very important social facility

Turkish baths are the most confidential social facility of Turkish culture that has been wondering for centuries. That’s why many foreign painters and authors have described the bath society in various platforms up to the words they heard.

Turkish baths were more important than considering them as a cleaning rooms. Before the houses have their own bathrooms, Turkish baths had many meaning for the society. For example, the groom’s family gathered at bath to see the bride naked. Public gathered at the bath in order to talk about the social issues. Briefly Turkish baths have wide social meaning in public.

Kaklık cave; A hidden beauty in Denizli

This landscape has a lot of hidden treasures such as caves. One of them is Kaklık Cave that is famous for caving sport.

Kaklık Cave is one of the caves that are open for tourism. Travertines and dickites are part of its own ecosystem. Also existence of mineral water creates a great atmosphere in the cave. Atmosphere of the cave contains various gases such as sulphur, magnesium and chloride.

It is located in Denizli province of Turkey. It is one of the worth visiting places of Turkey.

Mt. Kaz is dying; the mines damage this nature treasure deeply

I have to state that it is an article of a murder of a natural treasure. Mt. Kaz – it was called as Mt.Ida in mythology- is being destroyed by mining activity.

Mt. Kaz is one of the important oxygen sources of Turkey. Due to unique natural structure, it provides oxygen and fresh air to Aegean region of Turkey. Although it is vital for our country, it is allowed to be damaged by mining. The natural flora is dying and the territory is getting bald. Natural life is being damaged in recent years. Places where the first beauty contest was held are screaming for help.

Mt. Ida belongs to all human kind and it is one of the numerous natural fields that remained on the earth.

It is the way to kill the history and nature.

Violence that belongs to 5000 years ago; The victim was a little girl

A grave was unearthed in Küllüoba ancient site of Central Anatolia. It is 5000 years old and it has a dramatic story. Archeologists found out that there are two skeletons in a coffin. One of them is a little girl and the other one is an adult man.

The dramatic side of this story is the way she died. She died of a hit on her skull in 3000 BC. The reason of this case isn’t clear but we know the violence hurt many people in earlier ages. The another man was probably her relative, the works on this case will prove the fact sooner. Violence was the common reason of deaths in earlier ages. This one isn’t only the proof of this theory and also we can come across many proofs in archeological sites.

Human kind tortured his specie to have power in earlier ages. I hope that we got smarter on this issue sooner.

Egyptian Queen was in Patara Ancient site

As I stated before, important civilizations such as Egyptians left us priceless heritage in this landscape. The last discovery is very exciting because a coin,that Egyptian queen Arsinoe II was printed on, was unearthed. It means that there used to be an Egyptian settlement area in Patara ( the capital Lydian Union). She was relative of Thracian and Macedonian kings. She got married Egyptian King.

It is very exciting because there are a few items that have real images of Egyptian royal family members.

Cliffs of Antalya; Great walls of Turkish Riviera

No more words are required to state Antalya’s natural and historical background. One of the most outstanding features of Antalya is the cliffs of the city.

When a visitor approaches the city from the sea, the cliffs welcome the visitors of Antalya. They are so impressive that they can take the breath away. Also you can see the waterfalls on those cliffs. If you would like, you can enter the caves that are under those cliffs.

If you visit Turkish riviera, don’t forget to schedule a boat trip to see the beauty of those cliffs.

Lava Channels; 80 million year old natural treasure

Volcanic blasts are the power of the nature that shapes the lands. We can even feel the power of this great natural event. We will go back to 80 million years back.

This lava channel wall is located in Black sea region of Turkey. There are a few samples on earth. It is worth visiting place of Turkey. It will take you 80 million years back. It means that one of the mountains in northern Turkey was an active volcano. Nature is the most talented sculptor so we can see those structures.

Turkish landscape offers us various opportunities to travel in time and nature.

Fortress of Bursa; A time capsule of history

Bursa Fortress

Bursa is one of the ancient cities of Turkey. It had hosted many civilizations for centuries. Bythinia State was the first known important state which dominated the region. It had an important role in history.

Bythinian architecture was close to Roman engineering. That’s why many ancient items and tunnels were discovered in recent years. The most important Bythinian building was the castle which is named as Bursa Fortress in present. It is thought that the castle had been protected very well thanks to its tunnels under the region. It was built around 2200 years ago. Even in Turkish domination, it was reused after the reconstructions. Its tunnel system was so great that it could be able to handle sieges.

Today it is one of the most important museums of Turkey. This monument is the witness of a long history.