İnkumu beach- A beach paradise in Black Sea region of Turkey

If you think that the nice beaches only locate at Mediterranean coasts, you have to read this article. I am sure that you are going to review your opinion after reading this article.

İnkumu beach is located on northern end of Turkey. It is considered as one of the nicest beaches in Turkey. It is on the top of the list of Turkish coasts. It is famous for the beach that is like Mediterranean region. It has a difference which is the outstanding feature of Black Sea. Even the best swimmer is in danger if he/she doesn’t pay attention. Bottom of the Black sea changes up to the winds and waves. There are various services such as seat hiring and showers. They are required to charge fee for those services. But they aren’t big amounts. You can come across pensions in the district for accommodations.

It is in border of Bartın province of Turkey. It was covered by forests and mountains.

It is one of the worth visiting places of Turkey.

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