Spiritual voyage in Turkey

All of us need spiritual voyage in a period of our lives. Also you should choose the place very well to feel it. Turkey is the right place to have a spiritual voyage. You can feel that you are in magic.

Many believers from various religions have been living in Turkey for centuries. Paganism had dominated this landscape for a long time. Then Christianity came to here with saints. They circulated Christianity in this landscape, even Christianity became an universal religion here by the councils.

Then Islam had arrived here and it raised among the public. But all beliefs have lived here in harmony for centuries. More cultures you face, more satisfied from the life you become.

Turkey is the right place to achieve it..

Panaztepe ancient site; An important settlement area in ancient time

West Anatolia region is a landscape that gives us hints to change the historical books. Ancient civilizations left us important heritage, this heritage is composed of a lot of ancient sites. All of them have their own story and they have a special role in history. Panaztepe ancient site is one of them, the excavations showed us that it had a vital role.

This ancient site was discovered on a hill that is located in border of Izmir province. It is dated back to earlier times than 2nd century BC. It was one of the developed sites of the region also it was a live site. Acropolis’s area is so big that it is considered as the biggest acropolis of the region. The settlement layers give us great hints to solve the role and function of the site.

The most important point is that it used to a port site near Gediz river. Maybe it could be an island. As the river was filled up with alluvium, this hill is inside the land. The society of the site was very rich and they had high standards. The items that were unearthed proved this theory. According to a theory, it is one of the oldest ports and settlement areas.

Small Doomsday; Biggest disaster in Istanbul(1509)

We are going back to 1509 in time. We witnessed a disaster in Istanbul;

Istanbul region has been familiar to big earthquakes in history. The city faced a big disaster in this year. Disaster came by an earthquake that was estimated around 9.0 . It was a big event because after the big earthquake, the city ruined. Even a tsunami became true. Sultan ran away from Topkapi Palace. He settled in a tent in the garden. As the earthquake had ended in 40 days, he went to Edirne where old palace was built. Most of the city monuments collapsed and it took long time to reconstruct the city. It was called small doomsday.

Actually we know that Turkey is located on an active earthquake line so an earthquake can be expected at any time. The real question is ; When will it happen?

Turkey; the landscape where devil settled

Footprint of devil; Ayvalık

This landscape is so interesting that even devil has many traces here. This is the point that many places have various things adopted on devil.

Footprint of devil is famous in Aegean region. According to the epic, devil stepped on the rock. Devil liked the panorama so much that it left its foot print. You can see this footprint in Ayvalık of Balıkesir province.

Devil Castle -Rize

A castle that was built on one of the passages in Black Sea region (Rize). It was a control point in middle age. It was named as Devil Castle.

Sunset behind the Devil’s table; Ayvalık

Devil’s table is the famous hill of Ayvalık. This is the hill where the devil’s footprint existed. This place is famous for the magnificent sunset

Turkey; Capital of archeology

Archeology is the science that discovers the history. There are some countries that are considered as centers of archeology. Turkey is one of them because Turkey has a deep historical background. That’s why this landscape has a priceless heritage.

Archeology unearths the past and lightens up the mystery of the history. Turkey is one of the richest countries for history because archeology showed us that the oldest temples and sites were constructed in this peninsula. Important events became true here.

Archeologists can discover any event and find the traces of important characters here.

Turkish hospitality

It is certain that Turkish hospitality is the another fact that leads Turkey in tourism sector. Hospitality is the value that adds more value for a country. It doesn’t matter how many items you have or which features it has. The nation’s hospitality is the biggest value for tourism.

Public of Turkey welcomes tourists and foreign visitors in the country. This feature is so valuable that Turkey is famous for hospitality in international frame.

Karahan hill ancient site; Sister of Göbeklitepe site

We all know Göbeklitepe but the archeologists state that there are many settlement areas like Göbeklitepe ancient site under the region. The proof of this theory came from Karahan district of Şanlıurfa. Discovery of some columns like Göbeklitepe site led archeologists think that they discovered a settlement area like Göbeklitepe. Actually it is a new discovery but they have reasons to think in that way.

The region of southeastern Turkey has a big potential due to the role of the region in history. As it is a bridge between south and north, many civilizations left a priceless heritage in the region. Those settlement areas are the heritage of the all cultural bases and they may include some information that can change the historical background of the world.

We need time to reply this question but we are sure that Southeastern of Turkey had important centers in the past.

Harbetsuvan hill ancient site;Second Göbeklitepe replica

As we mentioned before, Göbeklitepe ancient site was the oldest settlement area on Southeastern of Turkey. The region was preparing some surprises for us. Another one of the oldest settlement area was discovered in Şanlıurfa province. It was called Harbetsuvan hill ancient site.

As we discovered in Göbeklitepe ancient site, the temples and columns were unearthed. The excavations are going on, the archeologists are sure that it is the second settlement area after Göbeklitepe.

Those discoveries proved us that the region had a security and settlement potential. Future will show us the importance of the region.

Attractive destination: TURKEY

Fethiye – Dead Sea Gulf

Turkey has a lot of attractive regions and stories. Thus we live on a land that is full of mystery. For example do you know why Egyptian queen Cleopatra came to Tarsus? To meet her love Marcus Antonious. Or do you know where Alexander the Great dominated the world? In Gordion when he cut the knot.

Especially Aegean and Mediterranean coasts have been famous for centuries. Those coasts have interesting stories and epics. The pirates of Mediterranean were visiting those places in order to supply water and food. All of this peninsula witnessed historical events. History left a very important legacy here.

Turkey; the country of loved hearts

Turkey is the country that the visitors love at first glance. The world knows Turkey with hospitality of the people.

Foreign tourists love Turkey during their holidays. They can come across everything they love. So they love Turkey. While aging, mostly they make decision to reside at Turkey.

Visit Turkey and feel the paradise here…