Small Doomsday; Biggest disaster in Istanbul(1509)

We are going back to 1509 in time. We witnessed a disaster in Istanbul;

Istanbul region has been familiar to big earthquakes in history. The city faced a big disaster in this year. Disaster came by an earthquake that was estimated around 9.0 . It was a big event because after the big earthquake, the city ruined. Even a tsunami became true. Sultan ran away from Topkapi Palace. He settled in a tent in the garden. As the earthquake had ended in 40 days, he went to Edirne where old palace was built. Most of the city monuments collapsed and it took long time to reconstruct the city. It was called small doomsday.

Actually we know that Turkey is located on an active earthquake line so an earthquake can be expected at any time. The real question is ; When will it happen?

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