A statement from Atatürk to mothers of Oceania

During the war of Galipoli, 500.000 soldiers passed away. Turkish and ANZAC troops fought against each other. Turkish troops defeated their country heroically.

The new epic started after the republic period. Founder of Turkish Republic M.K.Atatürk made a speech to ANZAC soldiers’ mothers. He stated that the mothers who lost their sons could be happy because they became the sons of this land.

They are sons of the land with Turkish troops that buried at the same battle field.

Parion; A port city of Roman age

Parion was an important ancient site and today it is located in the border of Çanakkale province. The discoveries in Parion make the archeologist very excited.

A tomb was unearthed and it is understood that it belongs to a local woman doctor. Some solutions were found. She cured some diseases by using snake poison.

Also the items showed us that it was the site of retired soldiers. There used to be a legion at the site.

A temple of ancient times

Turkey is a country that the archeological items can be found at any time. A temple in Mardin province was unearthed. We know Göbeklitepe but the discoveries showed us that there are a lot of temples of ancient sites at the region. It is around 11300 years old.

Archeology is the branch of history that can be very popular in Turkey.