Turkish Tea

If you live in Turkey or a Turkish citizen, you know what tea means for Turkish society. Tea is the component of daily life of Turkey. It is the main drink of social life. Even there is no specific time for it. It may be drunk at any time.

There is a custom of five o’clock tea time in England. It can be at any time in Turkey. It can be hot or cold, it doesn’t matter.

Don’t forget to have a glass of tea when you visit Turkey…

OriginalTurkish dessert : Baklava

Baklava is an original Turkish sweet and also it is worldwide famous in world cusines. It has its own receipe and its taste. Mostly the masters keep this receipe as a secret because it is very difficult to prepare it with a tasteful shape.

Baklava is the subject of a discussion. It is between Turkey and Greece. Greek authorities announce that it is their dessert but it is proved that it is one of the special desserts of Ottoman Palace.

We know many desserts and meals that are required licence in world cusines. Baklava is one of them. Even every dessert cook can’t prepare it with a tasteful form.

The most delicious fast food of Turkey

Meat is one of the best fast food of the world but it has different receipes in world kitchens. It is also same for Turkish Cuisine. We call this meat “Döner” because it was prepared in front of the oven by turning. The meat that was prepared before is placed on a stick and fried. It was cut as leafs. It is served in various forms such as on the dish and in a bread. It has a huge demand, even in Europe there are many döner shops.

It is prepared as chicken meat and cow meat. It is as famous as burger in the world.