A great building of Metropolis

The last discovery in Metropolis ancient site excited the archeaologists. A big building that is around 1500 years old was built with a developed technology. It had the latest technology of ancient times. It is the proof of great architectural figures.

It is thougt that it was the property of a rich person or an authority.

Massacre of the natural beauties in Turkey

The title is about a nature beauty that is around 12.000 years old. Deepless Lake (Dipsiz göl) was formed around 12.000 years ago. This lake was deformed because of legal treasure quest. It was dried and machines digged the region. So the lake was destroyed.

Due to the reactions, treasure quest was cancelled and the government decided to declare the site as natural site (after the lake has gone). Authorites planned to have a lake built in the region.

A drama of a nature treasure….