Happy new year in 2020

Aralık 28, 2019

We are leaving 2019 in 3 days and we will be in 2020. As we mentioned […]

Merry Christmas

Aralık 25, 2019

Christmas reminds Santa Claus, Santa Claus reminds christmas. Demre was the place where St.Claus’ story existed. […]

Mud for health

Aralık 25, 2019

Turkish landscape offers us many opportunities for health and beauty. Before this article, we mentioned on […]

Zeus at Olympos returned back

Aralık 21, 2019

Zeus was head God of ancient Greek civilization as we know. He was honoured by the […]

Turkish Miniature

Aralık 20, 2019

Turkish miniatures are the masterpieces of Turkish traditional arts. Every stage of the public was painted […]

Turkish game; Backgammon

Aralık 20, 2019

Backgammon is one of the well known games of Turkey. 15 black chequers and 15 white […]

Turkish Carpet Handycraft

Aralık 18, 2019

Turkish carpet handycraft is one of the most famous handycrafts in the world. They are the […]