Happy new year in 2020

Göbeklitepe coloumns

We are leaving 2019 in 3 days and we will be in 2020. As we mentioned before, tourism is one of the key sectors of Turkish economy. Due to the new archeological discoveries, Turkey is getting more valuable for world tourism. More values we get, more worthvisiting Turkey becomes.

The reason why a tourist comes here doesn’t matter. Turkey has everything for a tourist. I advice you to make a plan to have a vacation in Turkey. The fact is that Turkey has some issues to solve for tourism but potential of Turkey is capable of handling every issue.

Visit Turkey and have a great vacation here….

UNESCO World Heritage Temprorary List; New places from Turkey

Bodrum Castle

Turkey has many archeological treasures. This is the fact but a few of them are in world heritage lists. Some of them were added to this list in 2019.

One of them is Bodrum Castle which is served as Underwater Archeological Museum in present. The castle has 500 year history and it was used as headquarter during war times. It has a massive potential to attract tourists to Bodrum.

Van Castle

The other archeological item is Van Castle which was constructed by Urartu State. It is located on the peak point of capital. It is around 1000 years old. It gives us priceless information on Urartu culture.

Kibyra ancient site

Kibyra site was known as city of gladiators. Many carvings and sculptures were unearthed. All buildings were built for gladiator shows. You can see the hippodrome of the city. We can realise the glory of the city from the remains of the site.

Merry Christmas

House of Santa Claus

Christmas reminds Santa Claus, Santa Claus reminds christmas. Demre was the place where St.Claus’ story existed. Although it is known that St.Claus lived on the north pole, in fact Demre (Antaly) was the place where St.Claus lived.

The priest of Demre was so good that he tried to meet the needs of the poor people at any time. But nobody knew that he was the priest. So this legend spread in whole Christian world.

Merry Christmas…….

Mud for health

Turkish landscape offers us many opportunities for health and beauty. Before this article, we mentioned on spring waters and doctor fishes. But there is something else that is as important as them; mud baths. Especially on spa regions, mud is applied on the visitors in order to discover the natural beauty.

Mud baths were also famous in the ancient times. Wealthy Roman society were visiting Small Asia for Spa activities.

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Zeus at Olympos returned back

Zeus was head God of ancient Greek civilization as we know. He was honoured by the statues. Most of them were lost and gone. By the archeological works in recent years, Zeus statue of Constantinapolis was reconstructed. It was destroyed by a fire 1500 years ago.

Zeus at Olympos was the symbol of high class sport competition. We can see some huge rooms at the temples of Greeks. It is thought that huge Zeus statues were placed in them.

Harem; the section of ladies at the palace

Harem is one of the sections that have a deep mystery for the history. Nobody could know this section expect servants, harem girls and royal family. All of the portraits were painted up to the stories the artists heard. Also they added imagination for harem girls’ portraits.

Briefly harem was the section for royal family. It was arranged to meet all requirements of royal family’s members including sexual needs of princes’. The mother of the sultan was the head of harem. Female members of royal family were in competition to have a better place in family.

You can see a portrait of harem bath above. It was painted by the imagination of the artist naturally.

Turkish game; Backgammon

Order of Backgammon chequers

Backgammon is one of the well known games of Turkey. 15 black chequers and 15 white chequers are the components of the game. The chequers are moved by the numbers of dices. The purpose of the game is to collect the chequers in their areas. If you throw double, you can play four chequers. Normally two chequers are played. A player tries to disorder the rival by breaking the chequer ( to disqualify the chequer till finding a space to play by dices).

Every winner has one point in every game. If a player wins the game and the rival has no chequer, it means that this winning is two points worth. It can be a game of chance or strategy, it depends on the dices.

Have a good luck….

Turkish Carpet Handycraft

Turkish carpet handycraft is one of the most famous handycrafts in the world. They are the well known decoration items in the houses of world. Anatolia is the homeland of this handycraft. This handycraft is under protection of state.

Carpet has been the most important item at home or at tents for centuries for Turks. Since Central Asia, we have been decorating our houses with various carpets. Traditional architecture completes with Turkish kilims and carpets.

Today we can see thr traditional carpets and kilims at the museums but they are still being used at homes in Anatolia.

Hazerfan; the man who became a dream true

Hazerfan Ahmed Celebi

Flying like birds has been one of the dreams that human being want to become true. A Turkish scientist Hazerfan started to work on this subject in 1620’s. His goal was to become flying true and he achieved it. After a long studying period, he climbed through Galata Tower. He built a wing skeleton to fly for a long distance. Finally he flied through Asian Minor from Galata Tower in 1632. His prototype did its mission and he was the first man who flied in the history.

His flight from Galata Tower

After his success, he wasn’t awarded unfortunately due to the Islamic order of the state. He was accused of denying the natural structure of human being given by the God. He was exiled to Algeria and he died there.

Around 300 years later, the air domination have a great importance especially during the war times.