Bungalows; A new trend in Turkish tourism

Bungalows are the latest trend in tourism. As it is an eco-friendly tourism branch, it is preferred mostly in recent years. It isn’t like a five-star hotel but a person feels very close to nature. Hiking,biking and trekking are the outdoor activities that a visitor can do in this site.

Numbers of bungalow villages are increasing due to the demand. Especially youth generally desires to be free in vacation. So it is the way to feel free.

Especially in our south region, there are many samples for this tourism. You can make a search in the net for those villages.

This is Paris (the prince of Troy)

We know Paris as a historical character. This is a character that has a deep impact on the history. Firstly he was a jury of first beauty contest and he chose Aphrodite as a winner. She gave a word to him for the love of the most beautiful woman. She was Helen. As a result of this promise, Paris kidnapped Helen. So Troian war became true.

Archeologists found a coin that Paris was described on. So we met Paris. Troy has a deep history so we have a lot to get from Troy….