Camping; Free way to discover Turkey

Especially the young tourists want to feel free, so they travel light. They have only very necessary tools and a tent. Probably they are looking for a camping area. The only thing to do is to have a nice time after residing on a camping area.

One of the famous camping areas is in Fethiye,the valley of butterflies, which is the natural beauty of the world. Also you can find some camping areas in other holiday resorts.

Feel free and enjoy in Turkey…

Valley of Butterflies- Fethiye

Boutique Hotels; Typical and local hotels of Turkey

Boutique Hotels are one of the common accommodation types in Turkey. As the older architecture built smaller houses which have many rooms inside, they are very suiatable to transform a hotel. Also local hotels are known as boutique hotels. Especially in our holiday resorts boutique hotels are preferred by domestic and foreigner tourists.

Boutique hotels are developed in recent years. Around 50 years ago, when the tourism began to develop, five star hotels were very few. Local hotels were common. After building the five star hotels and luxurious hotels,local hotels became boutique hotels.

It is one of the greatest choice of accommodation in Turkey.

Have a nice holiday in Turkey……