Hazerfan; the man who became a dream true

Hazerfan Ahmed Celebi

Flying like birds has been one of the dreams that human being want to become true. A Turkish scientist Hazerfan started to work on this subject in 1620’s. His goal was to become flying true and he achieved it. After a long studying period, he climbed through Galata Tower. He built a wing skeleton to fly for a long distance. Finally he flied through Asian Minor from Galata Tower in 1632. His prototype did its mission and he was the first man who flied in the history.

His flight from Galata Tower

After his success, he wasn’t awarded unfortunately due to the Islamic order of the state. He was accused of denying the natural structure of human being given by the God. He was exiled to Algeria and he died there.

Around 300 years later, the air domination have a great importance especially during the war times.

Harran Plain; the jewellery of South Eastern Turkey

Harran Plain

Southeastern Turkey is one of the historical regions of Turkey due to the historical role of Mesopotamia. Harran plain is in the center of the region. Even today, you can see traces of past in the region.

Local houses of Harran plain

As you see above, local houses of Harran plain reflect the past. We mention about the past that is dated ten thousand years ago. According to archeaological proofs, the region used to be covered by woods. By a climate change, the region had drought times and the woods have gone. The agricultural process is wanted to be improved by the GAP project so dams are built on the Tigris and Euphrates.

Agricultural process on Harran

Hasankeyf is dying; Dam is collecting water


Hasankeyf, the historical treasure, will stay under the dam in future. It is collecting water and the treasures such as Hasankeyf will be under the dam lake. With 10,000 year history, Hasankeyf represents us a time capsule. Due to the rescuing excavations, new items from Seljuks and Byzantine ages were discovered.

Residental areas of Hasankeyf give us priceless hints on human being history. Unfortunately one of the historical sites will be invisible again. Only the name will be known but itself will be under the dam lake.

Next generations will remember just the name. If the water drains, Hasankeyf will be visible again.