Zeus at Olympos returned back

Zeus was head God of ancient Greek civilization as we know. He was honoured by the statues. Most of them were lost and gone. By the archeological works in recent years, Zeus statue of Constantinapolis was reconstructed. It was destroyed by a fire 1500 years ago.

Zeus at Olympos was the symbol of high class sport competition. We can see some huge rooms at the temples of Greeks. It is thought that huge Zeus statues were placed in them.

Harem; the section of ladies at the palace

Harem is one of the sections that have a deep mystery for the history. Nobody could know this section expect servants, harem girls and royal family. All of the portraits were painted up to the stories the artists heard. Also they added imagination for harem girls’ portraits.

Briefly harem was the section for royal family. It was arranged to meet all requirements of royal family’s members including sexual needs of princes’. The mother of the sultan was the head of harem. Female members of royal family were in competition to have a better place in family.

You can see a portrait of harem bath above. It was painted by the imagination of the artist naturally.