Merry Christmas

House of Santa Claus

Christmas reminds Santa Claus, Santa Claus reminds christmas. Demre was the place where St.Claus’ story existed. Although it is known that St.Claus lived on the north pole, in fact Demre (Antaly) was the place where St.Claus lived.

The priest of Demre was so good that he tried to meet the needs of the poor people at any time. But nobody knew that he was the priest. So this legend spread in whole Christian world.

Merry Christmas…….

Mud for health

Turkish landscape offers us many opportunities for health and beauty. Before this article, we mentioned on spring waters and doctor fishes. But there is something else that is as important as them; mud baths. Especially on spa regions, mud is applied on the visitors in order to discover the natural beauty.

Mud baths were also famous in the ancient times. Wealthy Roman society were visiting Small Asia for Spa activities.

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