Earthquake records in ancient site of Constantinapole

Bathonea ancient port site of Istanbul is giving us important hints of the earthquake that existed in 558 AD. Istanbul city and environment had experienced many destructive earthquakes for centuries. This one was one of the destructive earthquakes that was recorded in Constantinapole. Bathonea ancient port site was the last stop before Constantinapole. Also it was used as custom point […]

Cave Hotels; A new trend in accommodation

Cave hotel type is a new trend for accommodation in the world. It has many advantages such as a different environment and an exotic atmosphere. The only disadvantage is to be a local type of accommodation. We can come across those hotels especially in Central Anatolia (Göreme) and Southeastern Anatolia. This type of tourism facilities aren’t limited with hotels. Also […]

Roman Emperor Nero was in Laodikya site of Small Asia.

Roman Emperor Nero was one of the best known Roman emperors. Laodikya site of Denizli was an important site. Head of Nero was discovered in that ancient site. It was the head of a statue that was three meter tall. In addition to Roman Emperor Nero, many heads of gods and goddess’ were discovered. This ancient site had an important […]

Travel Insurance; A necessity of travel industry

When a tourist wants to go to somewhere, tour agents should prepare a travel insurance in order to protect them during the tour. We know that this sort of insurance compromises a wide field. Also the specialties of the tour are stated in the insurance. Tourism is a sector that requires some special insurances. Outdoor sports are as dangerous as […]

Travel in Turkey; A magnificent travel in history

Turkey is a country that a tourist can find everything. For example the historical background is so wide that we can find traces of those periods. We can come across the ancient sites that witnessed history such as Miletos, Ephesus and Troy. The archeaologists discovered big treasures and items. So big stories are told. The king Midas is one of […]

Medusa: The Goddess that turns you to stone

Small Asia is a landscape that hosted many Greek Gods and Godnesses. No doubt none of them is more effective than Medusa. She could turn you to stone by a look. So her look was so dangerous that her busts were inversed. Medusa’s story includes drama and tragedy. A beautiful girl became a monster because of jealousy. She is the […]

Channel Istanbul: A disaster for Istanbul

Channel Istanbul is the project in the agenda of government. It is a project that will create problems for Istanbul. Firstly this project will make an island and it is going to create geographical issues. Then the other issues will follow. Tourism is one of the sectors that will harm from these issues. As we know that touristic development depends […]

New Istanbul Airport; the monument of nonscientific and arrogant mind

New International Istanbul Airport was a controversial project because it was against every scientific and economical scales. For example it was built on the wood territory of Istanbul city and it caused many wild boars to run away to the urban side due to the constuction. Around a month ago, a bee colony came to the region and they established […]

European Union; An important market for Turkish tourism

European Union is one of the important unions of the world at the present time. It is one of the developed unions of developed countries. So tourism becomes one of the major economic activities. Europe is the oldest continent of the world with Asia. So history has traces in this continent. Also European citizens are aware of history and culture. […]