Handycraft of Glass; A decorative handycraft

Glass is one of the natural substances that are used to manufacture some decorative items. The coloured glass objects are the most preferrable items for decoration. It is a special sort of manufacture as a handycraft. Various items such as lighting objects and decorative dishes are very famous.

Every object can be manufactured with glass as you see above. It is the art more than a handycraft.

It is the art of beauty and glory. The coloured glass works are the wonders of handycrafts…

Wind Mills of Çeşme

Wind mills are the traditional tools for ancient times. We know that Holland is famous for wind mills but the mills above are in Çeşme district of İzmir.

Also we can see similiar wind mills in Greece. Aegean islands have similiar cultures as Turkey so we can come across the same windmills on the both sides of Aegean Sea.