Turkey is home of multi-cultural and various habitants

Turkey is a country where you can come across multi-cultural envoirement. There are a few places in the world. That’s why they are more attractive for tourism sector.

The oldest ancient sites are here, the civilization developed here. The scientific branches such as philosophy and medicine had masters. Bergama was one of the asclepions in ancient world. Philosophers were the famous inhabitants of this land. This landscape is the place that Alexander the Great, Cleopatra and the other well known historical characters stepped.

Health is the other facility of this landscape. Thermal sources, beauty muds and useful plants have been important tools in order to keep people healthy for centuries.

Hittite Sun Disc

The Museum Hotel; the hotel where the history meets

Turkey is a country where you can find some places that history and tourism meet. This is the point that makes this landscape more valuable.

The American newspaper New York times made a list of 52 places to visit in 2020. One of those places is in Turkey. It is the hotel that was constructed on ancient site. The museum hotel in Antakya is hosting ancient Roman site. While constructing this hotel, the investors found a large Roman site with a big mosaic that is around 2300 years old. They constructed the hotel on this site. The ancient site is being exhibited under the hotel.