Earthquake records in ancient site of Constantinapole

Two bodies crashed under the roof at Bathonea ancient port site

Bathonea ancient port site of Istanbul is giving us important hints of the earthquake that existed in 558 AD. Istanbul city and environment had experienced many destructive earthquakes for centuries. This one was one of the destructive earthquakes that was recorded in Constantinapole.

Bathonea ancient port site was the last stop before Constantinapole. Also it was used as custom point for the capital. It was located on the bank of Marmara Sea. This bay became a lake in late periods.

During the excavations, the layer of earthquake was discovered. Also two bodies that were crashed were unearthed. As in Pompeii, we can come across some hints in Bathonea port site. The granites and structures were damaged so it proves us that it was a powerful earthquake.

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