The effect of COVID-19 outbreak for the nature

The effect of COVID-19 outbreak for the nature is amazing. As we know that the results are very destructive for human being because of the financial and social activity routine. But we have some observations that the nature gets positive results from the outbreak. This is the sample for this statement;

Düden Waterfall /Antalya

We have in quarantine around for 1.5 months as a world. Human activities such as tourism has been interrupted. Düden Waterfall of Antalya proves us that the rivers can refresh themselves. According to the last news, the water of Düden is cleaner than a month ago.

Actually it isn’t a shocked news because we hear some news’ such as the atmosphere is cleaning automatically in the world.

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Aydıntepe Underground City

As we know that Turkey has a wealthy historical background thus the discoveries light up the history of this land. An underground city in Bayburt province was discovered by chance during a construction work.

Up to the examination of the site, it is 3000 years old and it belongs to Roman era. It is guessed that there are around 20 rooms in it. It is so large that some parts of the site haven’t been known yet. There are defensive gates in the site so we can think that it is a shelter in the region. We are going to find out more in future.

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The most beautiful flag of the world;Turkey

Every flag has a deep meaning for every nation in the world. A contest for the most beautiful flag was arranged a few days ago in Europe. The people voted for the flags of the world.

As a result, Turkey was voted as the most beautiful flag of the world. Spain was the second and USA was the third flag. I wanna thank everybody for their votes.

I feel a deep pride as a Turk with my flag and also I respect every flag. Because flags are the most valuable symbols of the countries. None of them can be humiliated or damaged.

Turkish history shaped this flag. As Turkish history is full of wars to defend the homeland, Red colour of blood is a suitable colour. We are ready to shed blood for our homeland and freeedom. Crescent and star are the most beautiful elements of the sky. Crescent and star have been using in Turkic world for centuries. Turkish flag is the reflection of Turkic history.

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Şeker(Sugar) Canyon; A hidden paradise in Black Sea region

Turkish landscape offers us many chances to live paradise on earth. There is one in Western Black sea region of Turkey; Şeker (Sugar) Canyon. It locates in the border of Karabük province.

Turkish natural beauties are so impressive that they can attract many tourists or visitors.

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Hot Air Baloon Tours in Pamukkale/Denizli

Hot air baloon tours are one of the popular outdoor activities of Turkey, Due to the variety of Turkish landscape, watching Turkey in a baloon is a taste of pleasure.

Pamukkale is the second holiday resort that hot air baloon tours are popular after Cappadocia. It is one of the travel modes that is worthexperiencing in Turkey.

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Turkish National Assembly is 100 years old

First National Assembly of Turkey – 1920

Turkish National Assembly was established in 23rd April of 1920 in Ankara. National severignty is one of the major principle of Turkey. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk fought hardly to establish National Assembly.

23rd of April was declared as national day and official children day in the constitution. Today this national day is 100 years old.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk – The founder of Turkish Republic

Constantinople with the pandemic of Bubonic plague

We are going back to 540 AD. A bubonic plague pandemic appeared in Egypt. It caused a big chaos in the region. The civilizations that were around the region were on red alert for the disease.

The bubonic plague outbreak reached Constantinople after a year. Disease caused a big chaos in East Roman Empire’s capital. The patients started to stay at homes and the business life stopped because of the disease. The historical records state that there was an outbreak in the capital. The society had to stay at home and the shops were closed. The life routine had been interrupted.

Does it look familiar? The present time has a similiarity with the past. The history is formed of the events that repeat in history.

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Foca; A touristic destination of İzmir

Foça is a well known holiday resort of İzmir. It is famous for old Foça and envoriment. Athena Temple is the symbol of Foça. It is known that the region has been a settlement area for centuries. Goddess Kybele was the dominant cult in the region.

Foça is a cute and small Aegean town. The population is very few in winter but it is getting crowded in summer. It is one of the worth visiting towns of Turkey.

Mediterranean Monk seal is one of the inhabitants of the region. Also it is under protection of laws. The islands of Foça are home for monk sea.

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Kaş county of Antalya; the only place where COVID-19 never exists

There are a few places that COVID-19 pandemic never exists in Turkey. Kaş county of Antalya is one of them. Kaş is one of the well known holiday resorts of Turkey. It is stated that the society of Kaş obeyed the orders of authorities and quarantine rules. So the pandemic didn’t come here. Also the ban of travel affects the speed of spread of COVID-19.

Diving point of Kaş

Juliopolis ancient site; Lost ancient site of Ankara

It is known that there are many ancient sites that locations are unknown. Juliopolis was one of the lost ancient sites, it was discovered in 19th century.

Unfortunately it remained under the dam lake. Then after the dam dried out, the ancient site came out. It was on the Eastern border of Bithynian Empire. There had been settlement in the period of Phrygians. The name of the site had been changed as Juliopolis in the name of dynasty of Julio-claudion. It was recorded in 11th century AD finally.

The archeological items that were unearthed during the excavations are being exhibited in the Anatolian Civilizations Museum of Ankara. Necropolis of the site was unearthed.

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