Turkish Traditional Meatball

Turkish meatball is one of the delicious fast-foods of the world. I am sure that you know hamburger meats and other sort of meatballs. But Turkish traditional meatball is different.

The recipe of Turkish meat is like that; firstly prepare your mixture to shape it. You are going to need mincemeat (calf meat,lamb meat), onion and some spices. You can add some stuff such as stale bread,egg, flour and chervil. You will have to knead this mixture exactly. It is possible to scale the stuff for your taste. After kneading your mixture, you are ready to shape it. Then you can cook them as you want. It can be cooked on the pan or added to a meal. Good appetite..

There are different tastes for the meatball. The recipe is mainly the same but some species and stuff can change the flavor.

Good apetite…

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