Steps of Normalisation; Flights will be restarted in June

After a quarantine period that is around two and a half months, the steps of normalisation become true. Due to the health reasons, new regulations will be in force in a new domestic tourism high season. Domestic tourism will be one step ahead in this period in the world. We can see that EU will not accept foreign tourists. At the first plan, domestic tourism in Europe will be re-regulated.

According to the new regulations, social distance will be the key point for new era. For example, the passangers will be entered in a row to the airports. They will make a line with social distance for check-in process. Turkish airports will be reopened in June with new regulations. I am sure that every state in the world will re-regulate the styles of tourism modes.

Stay safe and be healthy…..

Historical Caves of Siirt will be restored and opened for tourism

Turkey is a country that has breathtaking panoramas. The regions of Turkey offer many opportunities for adventurers. South Eastern Anatolia has been hosting many civilizations thanks to its natural structure.

Siirt province of Turkey is hosting a natural treasure of the country. Caves that have been home for centuries were declared as national park so they will be restored and opened for tourism.

Rasıl Hacar region of Siirt has an impressive scenery so it is one of the worth visiting places of Turkey.

Turkey’s First Bosphorus Bridge; Alibey Island/Ayvalık

We all know that Bosphorus bridges of Istanbul are very famous. They are the cherries of Istanbul cheek. On the other hand, there are some unknown bridges in Turkey.

Ayvalık county of Balıkesir has the oldest bridge that ties up two sides. A bridge that ties up the main land of Ayvalık and Cunda (Alibey) island was constructed in 1964 (9 years earlier than Bosphorus bridge of Istanbul).

Ayvalık is the holiday resort of Balıkesir. It is close to Greek island Lesbos. It is also famous for the panorama place Devil’s table.

Discover Ayvalık …………..

Thermessos; A site where Alexander the Great was defeated

Alexander the Great was a commander who was known with victories. But it is a place where he was defeated. Although he attacked the city, he couldn’t be able to conquer due to the location of the site. It was built on the skirt of mountains.

It was a wealthy site. Although it is an excavated area, we can see the glory of the site. It was built on the skirt of Taurus mountains. There are many monuments on the city such as tomb of Alcetas, an ancient theater and a Hadrian temple.

It is i border of Antalya province today. Also it is one of the important ancient sites of the region. The buildings have a developed engineering and artistic styles.

It is one of the worth visiting places in Antalya.

General Alcetas; Immortal warrior

There are many unknown warriors in ancient era. We just know the characters such as Alexander the Great or Emperor Ceasar. But we don’t know their soldiers or generals eactly. Their names were deleted by the history but this general is lucky because he is immortal.

General Alcetas was the general of Aleandre the Great. After Aleander the Great had passed away, a struggle among the genarals started in empire due to the absence of successor. General Alcetas sheltered to Thermessos site while fighting against another general of Alexander the Great. Other general wanted him back from the city council. But he had connected to warriors of the site and they vowed him to fight for him. So the warriors didn’t let him deliver. But the city council made a trick to warriors and they delivered him as a body because he committed suicide. He was humiliated and tortured by the rival general.

Unfortunately the warriors couldn’t rescue him but they built a tomb for him. So Alcetas became immortal in Thermessos site.

Thermessos site is on the skirt of Güllük Mountain of Antalya. It is one of the protected but unexcavated site of Turkey.

Japanese Gardens in Turkey

Japanese Garden -Istanbul

Japanese gardens are the international treasures. There are some Japanese gardens in provinces of Turkey. We can list as Istanbul,Eskişehir,Konya and Kırşehir.

The beauty of Japanese garden is so impressive that we can feel the spirit of nature.

Japanese garden – Eskişehir

In addition to Turkish landscape, it offers variety for Turkey. The variety of plants and design of the garden make them a great choice to relax.

Japanese Garden- Kırşehir
Japanese Garden – Konya

Greetings to Japan and Japanese friends…..

A new trend for tourism; Rent a villa

COVID-19 outbreak tought us social distance and isolation. That’s why our normal routine has changed because of fear more than the virus itself. The vacation styles are affected from this fact.

Renting a villa for a vacation became very famous after the outbreak. Actually it isn’t a new style but it is spreading fast due to the health conditions. Second houses and summer villas are private properties that are symbols of free and comfortable holiday. The outbreak proved us that isolation is the key of saving.

Aegean and Mediterranean regions are the famous coasts of Turkey for this sort holiday. It provides freedom and isolation. That’s why it is prefferred the most nowadays.

Gilindere Cave; A hidden treasure of Mediterranean region

Mersin province of Turkey has a cave that can be as famous as Damlataş Cave. It was discovered by chance by a shepherd. Then it was declared as national park by the order of Turkish State.

It is around 45 mt. high from the sea level and 555 meters long vertically. Also its depth is around 46 meters. It has a big main gallery and a great panorama.

It is one of worth visiting caves of Turkey.

Mt.Ali; the new destination for Turkish tourism

Central Anatolia is a very wealthy region for tourism and geography. Kayseri province is one of the important destinations of the region.

Mt.Ali is a well known sight seeing place of the region. It is famous for the underground city that had been discovered recently. Also it is famous for an outdoor sport named paragliding.

Central Anatolia attracts many people to the region due to various opportunities.

TRNC; Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Cyprus is a very important destination for history and tourism. Cyprus is also very important for Turkey because a Turkish society is living there. This is an island that is considered as an aircraft carrier on Eastern Mediterranean.

TRNC is a very famous region due to the gambling tourism. Also natural and touristic sight seeing places are well known in the island. It has a wealthy historical background such as templar knights and ancient Greek roots.

I recommend you to schedule TRNC for your vacation. Including Green line, you can face the cruel face of war. Briefly there are more to see in TRNC.