Ayasuluk hill site; Ancient Izmir’s important settlement area

İzmir is one of the valuable tourism regions of Turkey. Due to its wealthy historical background, many ancient sites were discovered such as Ephesus.

Ayasuluk hill site is another ancient site of Izmir. There has been settlement for 8000 years. From the pre-historic ages, the civilizations had settled here. There are Byzantine, Aydinoglu emirate and Ottoman period ruins.

One of the most important religious buildings is St.Jean basilica. It was built on the tomb of St.Jean. The period of this building is 1st century AD. Turkey’s potential has a deep historical treasure.

Antalya beaches; the preferrable beaches after the quarantine

Patara beach of Antalya
Konyaaltı beach of Antalya

Antalya is one of the centers for Turkish tourism. The well known of Antalya is Turkish Riviera. Antalya is famous for its historical sites and clean beaches with blue flag.

Domestic tourism is expected to rise after being normalized the social life of the society. It will take time to revive the international tourism. The beaches that are worldwide famous are waiting for the guests.

Mother’s day of Mother Nature

Mother’s day isn’t only for humans. The first mother of human kind is mother nature. We are one of the children of mother nature. She grows up all of us and the only thing she expects is respect. All species show respect to mother nature and do their missions in the chain. What about us?

We rebelled our mother and we declared ourself as master of nature. We polluted air,soil and water. We broke down the balance of oceans and climates. We consume more than we need. What is the reason? To live in luxury. But there is something we forget.

Mothers are very lovely creatures and they are very strong. If some of the children rebel, they can be furious. They show their cruel face. Mother nature does the same behaviour. We are approaching doom day because of our activities mostly. Mother nature can help us but it doesn’t seem that she will. She still expects for respect from us.

What do you think about it?

Some landscape panoramas from Turkey;