Japanese Gardens in Turkey

Japanese Garden -Istanbul

Japanese gardens are the international treasures. There are some Japanese gardens in provinces of Turkey. We can list as Istanbul,Eskişehir,Konya and Kırşehir.

The beauty of Japanese garden is so impressive that we can feel the spirit of nature.

Japanese garden – Eskişehir

In addition to Turkish landscape, it offers variety for Turkey. The variety of plants and design of the garden make them a great choice to relax.

Japanese Garden- Kırşehir
Japanese Garden – Konya

Greetings to Japan and Japanese friends…..

A new trend for tourism; Rent a villa

COVID-19 outbreak tought us social distance and isolation. That’s why our normal routine has changed because of fear more than the virus itself. The vacation styles are affected from this fact.

Renting a villa for a vacation became very famous after the outbreak. Actually it isn’t a new style but it is spreading fast due to the health conditions. Second houses and summer villas are private properties that are symbols of free and comfortable holiday. The outbreak proved us that isolation is the key of saving.

Aegean and Mediterranean regions are the famous coasts of Turkey for this sort holiday. It provides freedom and isolation. That’s why it is prefferred the most nowadays.