Pelops’ Throne

Throne of Pelops

Mythology is a field that gives us incredible stories which we never fed up listening to. Pelops is a historical or mythological character that lived in Small Asia.

Pelops is known as a Phrygian king. Pelops’ story starts with his death. According to the myth, Pelops was sacrificed to Gods by his father Tantalos. He was eaten by Gods. When the Gods got aware of this, they revived him. He became a human being again. Gods punished Tantalos. He married Hippodemia later. He had a fortune. He went to Morea peninsula and the name of Morea peninsula in ancient period was Peloponnese.

The rock that is on Mt.Split gives us interesting hints about its function. One of them is to be a place of his throne. Second one is to be a basin for a sculpture of Pelops.

It is located on the skirt of Mt.Split in Manisa province.

Discover Turkey and feel the spirit of mythology….

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