Kanlıbüvet Canyon; A new attraction center for East Mediterranean region

Kanlıbüvet Canyon/Kahramanmaraş

Kahramanmaraş province has a new attraction centre that is named Kanlıbüvet Canyon. It is famous for clean and blue water. Also it has a very cold water. This natural beauty is an attraction center for the region especially for hot summer days.

A view from the top

Natural beauties of Turkey are more impressive than it is thought.

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Castle Zil; A great monument of Rize province

Castle Zil

Europe is famous for middle age castles. A similar castle is in Rize province of Black Sea region. It is called Zil Castle. It is a similar middle age castle. It was dated back to 14th century.

It was restored in recent years. Today it is an attraction centre for local tourism.

Honeymoon time in Turkey

Honeymoon in Turkey

Honeymoon is a very special time for married couples. Beginning of marriage can be coloured with exotic and great destinations. Turkey is one of the greatest destinations for honeymoon. Especially the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts of Turkey are eligible destinations

The hotels have honeymoon packages and arrangements. Especially ones that are located on the shore are the most wanted ones for honeymoon. Turkey is the right place for this sort of vacation.

Hamsilos National Park; A hidden bay in Black sea region

Hamsilos National Park

Sinop province has a secret bay that is called Hamsilos National Park. It was a bay where the pirates hid. This bay was formed by the iceberg moves.

It is a natural attraction place for domestic and international tourists. ıf you seek a quiet place, Hamsilos national park is the right place. You can arrive this bay by yachts also.

A panorama of Hamsilos Bay

Hagia Sophia lost its museum position…

Haghia Sophia

As we know that Hagia Sophia lost its museum position and opened for praying. Hagia Sophia is an international heritage and it can’t be considered as anything else. UNESCO declared many historical places as international heritage such as Hagia Sophia.


It is known that Medusa was the goddess of Constantinople. Ones who made this decision will become stone. I hope so….

Suğul Valley of Sivas;A secret paradise

Suğul Valley of Sivas

We have stated this sentence many times; Turkey has many unearthed paradises. One of them is in Gürün county of Sivas province. This natural beauty is Suğul Valley. It has a breathtaking panorama.

A breathetaking panorama from Suğul Valley

This vally is hosting many caves and various plants. It is an important sightseeing place of Sivas.

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Healthful Springs for Skin deseases in Anatolia

Skin deseases are very tough diseases for human being such as mange. It takes a long time to heal. Do you know that there is a place where skin deseases never visit? A place in Sivas province of Turkey due to the hot spring….

As I have mentioned several times, hot springs have a great importance in Anatolia. This hot spring protects people from skin deseases such as mange. Thus it is called Mange Lake. It has many visitors from inland and abroad.

A new trend; the sunflower fields became photo studios

Thracian region of Turkey is famous for sunflower fields. It is one of the important agricultural products in Turkey.

On the other hand, people discovered new trends in Thrace region. Facility of shooting great pictures in those fields is the new trend. I guess that it is related to the beauty of this flower. It is known that it turns to sun. Because sun is life source of this flower.

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Uzunçayır Dam Lake; A new center of outdoor water sport activities

Dam lakes are useful for watering the fields but on the other hand, they can be a center for outdoor water sport activities.

Uzunçayır Dam Lake in Tunceli became one of the centers for outdoor water sport activities. It is the attractive location for the tourist. So it is an important center for domestic tourism.

You may think that you are on the coast of Aegean or Mediterranean. If you are looking for alternative option for vacations, try Tunceli province.

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