A scandalous decision in Turkey; St.Sophia isn’t a museum any more

St.Sophia Museum

St.Sophia is a monument that whole world belongs. It is a different monument that other sight seeing places. It is a dream of millions of people. There are tourists that visit Turkey only for St.Sophia. It is the star of Turkish sight seeing places.

Turkish authorities caused a shameful situation in the world for Turkey. St.Sophia’s museum situation cancelled. It is a mosque. This shameful decision can only be made with non-cultural mind and political purposes. It is a cultural vandalism. A monument that is older than 1000 years will be used as a mosque. It is a sort of decision when you wanna give harm to the position of Turkey in world’s tourism. Turkey needs to improve the capacity and develop the tourism policy. But what is the action? To destroy Turkish tourism. We have a lot to lose as a country. Some of them are economical targets.

I am ashamed of this decision as a Turk and tourism lover. We are all on the same board. If it sinks, we shall all go to the bottom.

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