Golden terraces in Turkey

As it is mentioned, Turkey offers us many various choices. A region in Sivas province is the best sample of this statement. It is named as “Altınkale” (the golden castle) due to the yellow terraces and water drops due to the sulphur in the water.

It is declared as the brother of Pamukkale. The environment was arranged as sightseeing place by Sivas Governorship. It is going to be opened sooner.

Visit Turkey and feel the nature

Why is Lake Van healthful for us?

Lake Van and Akdamar Island

Lake Van is one of the important natural beauties of Turkey. Beside its beauty, Lake Van is a lake with soda. It means that it has a healthy affect on human being. The researchers and doctors declare that Lake Van is a source of health. We can list the benefits of soda lakes below;

  • It contains mineral.
  • It has a solvent that kills the germs.
  • It is very healthful for skin deseases.
  • It is also healthful for chronic deseases such as astma and some lung diseases.
  • The chemical structure is made of volcanic solvent of the natural zone.

Soda is the marvel of the nature. There are a few samples of those lakes in the world. Lake Van has unique structure in the world.

Visit Turkey and feel health……