Healthful Springs for Skin deseases in Anatolia

Skin deseases are very tough diseases for human being such as mange. It takes a long time to heal. Do you know that there is a place where skin deseases never visit? A place in Sivas province of Turkey due to the hot spring….

As I have mentioned several times, hot springs have a great importance in Anatolia. This hot spring protects people from skin deseases such as mange. Thus it is called Mange Lake. It has many visitors from inland and abroad.

A new trend; the sunflower fields became photo studios

Thracian region of Turkey is famous for sunflower fields. It is one of the important agricultural products in Turkey.

On the other hand, people discovered new trends in Thrace region. Facility of shooting great pictures in those fields is the new trend. I guess that it is related to the beauty of this flower. It is known that it turns to sun. Because sun is life source of this flower.

Have a nice journey…..

Uzunçayır Dam Lake; A new center of outdoor water sport activities

Dam lakes are useful for watering the fields but on the other hand, they can be a center for outdoor water sport activities.

Uzunçayır Dam Lake in Tunceli became one of the centers for outdoor water sport activities. It is the attractive location for the tourist. So it is an important center for domestic tourism.

You may think that you are on the coast of Aegean or Mediterranean. If you are looking for alternative option for vacations, try Tunceli province.

Discover Turkey and feel the nature…

Pertek Castle/Tunceli; A secret natural treasure

Pertek Castle /Tunceli

Eastern Anatolia is the hidden tourism resort of Turkey. This zone had been under attack for a long time. After the region got the peaceful time, the natural assets of the region started to shine. Pertek Castle which is located on the Keban Dam Lake used to build on the peak of the hill. After the dam lake, it became an island.

The background of the historical Pertek Castle is unclear. It is known that the castle was reconstructed in Ottoman period. It is thought that it is dated back to 10th century.

A great monument that is worthvisiting……