Pertek Castle/Tunceli; A secret natural treasure

Pertek Castle /Tunceli

Eastern Anatolia is the hidden tourism resort of Turkey. This zone had been under attack for a long time. After the region got the peaceful time, the natural assets of the region started to shine. Pertek Castle which is located on the Keban Dam Lake used to build on the peak of the hill. After the dam lake, it became an island.

The background of the historical Pertek Castle is unclear. It is known that the castle was reconstructed in Ottoman period. It is thought that it is dated back to 10th century.

A great monument that is worthvisiting……

Another asset in UNESCO list; Koramaz Valley/Kayseri

Turkey has so many hidden paradises that we can come across one of them everyday. The last one is Koramaz Valley which is in Kayseri. Beside the natural beauty, a sightseeing place (an underground city) is in territory of Koramaz Valley.

This beauty will be added to UNESCO heritage list.

Golden terraces in Turkey

As it is mentioned, Turkey offers us many various choices. A region in Sivas province is the best sample of this statement. It is named as “Altınkale” (the golden castle) due to the yellow terraces and water drops due to the sulphur in the water.

It is declared as the brother of Pamukkale. The environment was arranged as sightseeing place by Sivas Governorship. It is going to be opened sooner.

Visit Turkey and feel the nature

Why is Lake Van healthful for us?

Lake Van and Akdamar Island

Lake Van is one of the important natural beauties of Turkey. Beside its beauty, Lake Van is a lake with soda. It means that it has a healthy affect on human being. The researchers and doctors declare that Lake Van is a source of health. We can list the benefits of soda lakes below;

  • It contains mineral.
  • It has a solvent that kills the germs.
  • It is very healthful for skin deseases.
  • It is also healthful for chronic deseases such as astma and some lung diseases.
  • The chemical structure is made of volcanic solvent of the natural zone.

Soda is the marvel of the nature. There are a few samples of those lakes in the world. Lake Van has unique structure in the world.

Visit Turkey and feel health……

Preserving the historical sightseeing places and Tourism Policy

Turkey is a country that is famous for the history and tourism. As everyone knows, tourism policy is one of the tools for developing an economy. The only obstacle for this purpose is non-visioned authority.

Historical sightseeing places and assets are necessary tools to attract tourists to our country. Latest events made us anxious about this subject. UNESCO and other international treaties make all countries protect the archeological assets very carefully. Turkish assets are very popular in world tourism. Marketing a country is a hard job. Expertness is required in order to make a succesful marketing campaign. Tourism requires strict protection protocoles for historical assets.

It’s the fact that Turkey has been going down in two decades. We have faced more issues in this time period including marketing.Because it is a policy issue. If you don’t train your tourism staff properly or you don’t appoint right people for this job, losing capacity is inevitable. It will also have economical results.

Also we have important responsibilities as an individual. That’s why we have to be careful of this subject. Despite of non-visioned authority , Turkey is always a country of history and tourism.

Cultural Vandalism and The Tourism Policy of Turkey

Vandalism is a sort of action that can never be accepted. Cultural vandalism is this sort of action for international sector. Generally tomb raiders and the autorities who don’t have any vision create this sort of vandalism.

Turkish authorities made a poor decision and an international monument lost its museum position. St.Sophia museum ( there is no need to explain the historical background of the monument) is starring in Turkey’s and Istanbul’s tourism assets. It is around 1500 years old. It has cultural and architectural secrets of centuries. Turning into mosque for St.Sophia is an action of the minds that have no cultural and scientific knowledge. For example, can Egypt make any arrangement for ancient Egypt monumets without any international consultant? It is the same thing. UNESCO has district rules for this subject. Those sight seeing places belong to all world and cultures.

Beside this event, many restoration faults were reported in Turkey. Modern designs were applied for ancient monuments. The excavations for ancient sites were interrupted due to the bugdet cuts.

As we can understand from those samples, Turkey has no tourism policy in order to develop the tourism potential of the country. Turkey requires more responsible and patriotic authorities. The scandalous decision will erase Turkey from the world tourism area. Especially after the Coronavirus pandemic process, tourism became more important to return our normal lifes. Domestic and international tourisms are the essential keys for economic concentration.

As a senior tourism staff, it is my mission to make this warning to everyone. Otherwise we all lose so much valuable things that we can’t replace. Turkey is a country of history and tourism. We have made our biggest foreign currency income from tourism sector for years but today we are losing it.

We are all in the same board, history belongs to all nations. Tourism is our common value. Tourism is the key tool for world peace. We had better keep it carefully.

I am very sorry to type this article as a Turk and history lover. I hope that everything gets better sooner.

A scandalous decision in Turkey; St.Sophia isn’t a museum any more

St.Sophia Museum

St.Sophia is a monument that whole world belongs. It is a different monument that other sight seeing places. It is a dream of millions of people. There are tourists that visit Turkey only for St.Sophia. It is the star of Turkish sight seeing places.

Turkish authorities caused a shameful situation in the world for Turkey. St.Sophia’s museum situation cancelled. It is a mosque. This shameful decision can only be made with non-cultural mind and political purposes. It is a cultural vandalism. A monument that is older than 1000 years will be used as a mosque. It is a sort of decision when you wanna give harm to the position of Turkey in world’s tourism. Turkey needs to improve the capacity and develop the tourism policy. But what is the action? To destroy Turkish tourism. We have a lot to lose as a country. Some of them are economical targets.

I am ashamed of this decision as a Turk and tourism lover. We are all on the same board. If it sinks, we shall all go to the bottom.

Akkadian Empire; The First Emperor SalgonI

Akkadian Empire

The oldest kingdom that was ruled by central king was Akkadian Empire. Before Akkadian Empire, the kingdoms were ruled by landlords.

Salgon I was the first emperor of the world history. He managed to unite all Akkadian tribes and established the first central kingdom. Although he was an Akkadian leader, his empire was extended to Small Asia. He left deep traces in history. Salgon I was having the title “world dominant” and he wasthe first. He saved Akkadians from slavery and he established his empire.

The Akkadian Empire had a huge dominant zone. We can come across the impact of empires after them.

Marriage Procedures and Hittites legacy

Marriage is the basis of the society. The archeology found out that modern marriage procedures are dated back to Hittites’ period. According to Hittites’ tablets, family was the important part of the society. So Hittite public built a system that we have been applying for thousand years.

When a couple decided to build a family, firstly the families gave to in marriage. Then the couple got engaged. The groom gave money and vowes to the bride’s family. We have been applying the same procedures even today. That means this procedure has been living for 3000 years. Anatolian society is using this system today. Even the statement for the affiance was similar. ” With the order of God and the permission of prophet, I would like to marry your daughter.” is the statement we use. The statement was that in that period; “With the order of God, I got ……………… the daughter of……… a wife”.

Even the groom and bride were described on ancient pot. Bridal veil ceremony was mentioned on a pot. Two witnesses for the wedding ceremony is also dated back to Hittites’ period.

Hittite Sun Disc in Ankara